The Bucket List

What better place to write down my bucket list than here! Why? Because I’ll get to see it often, and the more often you read it, the more likely things will get achieve. Also, the more you share it, the more probable things will happen as well.

Some might find this cheesy, but having a ‘bucket list’ is more powerful than you’d think. I started one, years ago, before I even knew what it was. It was around 1994-1995. I called it: Things to do in my life. And I tried to re-write it every year around the new year, although I often went years between. I kept them all – they were all on paper of course. And when you go back and read them, you’re amazed at how magically some of those things just materialized, how others you have no more interest in.

So here it is, live and alive. And just for fun, I’ve added the list of the items that I actually completed, and the ones that are of no interest to me anymore.


– Pyramids in Egypt

– Ireland

– Peru, Machu Pichu

– Argentina, Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego

– Thailand

– India

– Tour Lac St-Jean by bike, Saguenay Fjord

– Hike the Adirondacks

– Visit New York at Christmas time

– Germany during Oktober Fest

– Las Vegas

– Corsica

– Hawaii

– Australia

– Camino de Santiago, Spain

– Go back to Alaska

– Newfoundland

– Grand Canyon (again, but more)

– Chicago

– Sante Fe

– Yellowstone

– Bay of Fundy

– Greece

– Norway

– Scotland

– India


– Run a marathon

– Run an ultra-marathon

– Do (another) Ironman

– Rock climb (again)


– Write a book

– Teach (anything)

– Retire at 55

– Learn to manage money

– Work for myself

– Do my PhD

– Take lifeguard training

– Take yoga teacher training

– Take programming lessons

– Become vegan

– Take bike mechanics lessons


Things that were once on the list and got done!:

– Walk on the wall of China

– Have kids: I have two

– Have enough money to be comfortable and a bit more

– Visit the castles in France

– Speak english perfectly

– Learn another language

– Complete all swimming levels

– Take a first aid training

– Take scuba diving class

– Work abroad

– Go to British Columbia

– Take a night train with a bed

– Take dance classes: took salsa lessons

– Kayak

– Rock climb

– Ice climb

– Windsurf

– Paraglide

– Do my masters degree

– Do lots of hiking

– Be active

– Participate in a sport competition (regardless of which sport)

– Row

– Have a husband I love and who loves me

– Visit: Grand Canyon, New Orleans, California, New York, Florida, Walt Disney, San Francisco, Texas, Yosemite

– Do a triathlon, at least a sprint one

– Play with my kids

– Be good at giving presentation, for work

– Take cooking classes

– Do yoga

– Fix childhood issues

– Control depression

– Take baladi lesson

– Do fundraising for cancer

– Take personal finance classes


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