Happy Valentine’s Day

What is Valentine’s Day anymore anyway? I remember vaguely celebrating it as a kid and learning the roots and who Valentine was etc. But it seems today that it’s yet another ‘Hallmark’ commercial day. I just came back from my 3 year old Valentine’s party at school and was astonished by the amount, size and diversity of the ‘cards’ exchanged. Back in the days, it used to be that, cards. A piece of paper/cardboard with something along the line of ‘Be my Valentine’ written on it. That just about disappeared. Even the plain cards seems to hold some object of some sort: candy, sticker, tattoo, small toy. Some even passed along fist size bags of goodies. And I’m looking at all this in wonder. Then I drive back home and rethink of all of this. I think of the love for the kids the teacher has for spending hours preparing this event, for going way above and beyond, preparing strawberry shortcakes, preparing big bags of gifts for the children and my heart just swelled thinking of how much she loves them and cares for them.

And then I thought about how truly lucky I was to be able to spend time with my kids like this and being involved in their school lives. Sure I often feel stressed out but all there is to do for them, at home, at school, for school. I feel like I work for them and that I lost my sense of self. Which is certainly partly true. I think it’s insane preparing those little Valentine’s goodie bags at 6am for those preschoolers (30 total!), driving them to school only to go back a hour later to take pictures of the party at which the amount of goodies received makes Christmas blush. But when I think of the love we have as parents for those little critters, my heart just explodes and I think ah! this must be love!

Happy Valentine’s Day, whatever it means to you!