Ha ha I laughed so much when I saw this! I loved the name and had to sign up! If you’ve never heard about it, here’s in their own words: “Veganuary aims to reduce the suffering of animals by inspiring and supporting people across the globe to go vegan for the month of January”. Since we’ve been vegans wannabe for a few years now I thought, why not?

The reason we’re striving to become vegan is actually not even for the animals. Well, ok, a little bit perhaps but definitely not the main reason. It is for health and environment reasons. And even more importantly, as I always like to add, for us it’s not only about eating vegetarian or vegan but eating whole foods.

So, we started years ago by cutting red meat and slowly making our way to vegetarian. We also cut as much as possible all processed foods. When we buy something already made, we make sure it has as few ingredients as possible. Heck, I’m a busy mom so of course I want to cut corners! I do buy my almond butter already made but it’s 100% almonds. But I refuse to buy almond milk that has more ingredients than almond+water. Beurk.

Now we’re down to letting go of eggs and dairy. Which, I’m not sure I want to. I love over easy eggs. I love them by themselves, in huevos rancheros, on pizzas. At home, for cooking, I’ve been able to cook without eggs and make really good recipes. I have yet to try to make a spanish ‘tortilla’ but this week Veganuary just posted a recipe for it that I will try!

And milk. Good grief. I have two young kids. The youngest one never had cow’s milk until only a year ago. What a shame that she had a taste of it because now that’s all she wants. But I know she’ll be easier to convert. My oldest though won’t take a second look at a non cow’s milk. I’ve concluded that the best way to remove something from our diet is just to not buy it! And luck has it that there was a big sale on MALK, the only nut milk I buy, so when we ran out of milk, I bought only almond, pecan and cashew milk. We’ll see how it goes! I for one am perfectly happy with pecan maple milk in my coffee.

The hardest step of all, and keeping it for the last, will be to switch to vegan when eating out. Ufff…


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