Rituals For Living: The Dreambook+Planner

So a few weeks ago I stumbled across an add in Facebook, or was it a post someone liked, whatever, and looked into it. By curiosity at first, but then I ended up buying the product, which is not usual for me. It turns out that someone had put in print exactly what I’ve been wanting to do by myself for ages and made my life oh so much easier!

It is ‘yet’ another planner, but helps you jot down your whole life plan, and it’s made really easy too! In short, I’m absolutely in love with it! Ok ok, I’m only in week one but we’ll see…

So far I’ve been able to write down how to connect with my true desires and purpose, what are my core values and gifts, write down a one liner purpose. Then it’s a full 12 pages of visioning the future, from career to family, community connection to physical wellness, creation, exploration and play to psychological and spiritual health. You cover it all! After that it makes you create mind maps of your goals for 1 year, 3 years, 10 years and your lifetime. And from then on you brake it down by quarter, month, week, day, hours even if you wish!

I like how visual the planner is, and how it makes you ask the right questions. It is very well written and edited. Unfortunately, there are no page numbers but I think it’s probably because I purchased the printable pdf version. Which in the end is probably a good thing because I did print some pages separately like the month grid for example, so I could have the two pages facing each other.

I also like how the week pages are designed. It reminds me a lot of the assignments we had to do in yoga teacher training such as setting an intention for the day, creating rituals, write down what am I grateful for. Each week there’s a Rituals for Living Challenge which are good reminders of things I should-would-could do anyway (get 7 hours sleep/night, green smoothie 5x/week, reduce plastic, create a ‘sacred place’, hydrate, connect with 3 people, etc). Again, those challenges remind me of my yoga teacher training. It all comes in a circle.

Best thing is, it’s getting me off my dear gluteus maximus, making me realize what it is I really want to do, and getting it done! Heck, I even started to write again! Thank you The Dragon Tree for the Rituals for Living Dreambook+Planner!


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