Happy Fall!

Fall. Automn. My favorite season.

Back to school. Cooler temperatures. Leaves changing color and falling, cracking under my feet as I walk outside.

Deep blue skies. My birthday. Apples and everything apple. Halloween. So many things that make this season my favorite.

For some reason, fall is my season of renewal. Not spring. Fall is when I get back to life, when my motivation kicks in. As I went through my first ‘back to school’ as a mom this September, I realised how strongly I feel about school. Going back to school as a kid has always been my very favorite time of the year. Talking about this a little while back with my husband made me realise that it wasn’t the case for all kids. What??? So I thought that perhaps there was something special about this. Perhaps behind my love for fall and new pencils is hiding something much deeper.

I always said that ‘later’ (after being done with my corporate work), I would teach. I always wanted to teach something, someday. Today, I know it for sure and want to embark on the journey.


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