Let School Begin!

Ok! I survived the first morning! First day of school for my son AND my daughter! I was a total nerve wreck. I didn’t know how long everything was going to take, if we’d be late, at the right place, had the right stuff, packed the right way, had the right clothes, all papers were filled, if there’d be tantrums… But it ended up all good!

Came back home by 9:15 and find myself alone for the first ‘real’ time. It’s weird.

My son has been going to daycare since he was 18 months old and started school in Paris at 3. So for him, no biggy, it’s all routine. Except for the fact that this morning was a brand new school, new teacher, new friends. He said a few times ‘I don’t want to go to school’ and ‘I’m shy’ but in the end he didn’t even put a show the way I know he can, kicking and screaming for me not to leave. He listened to the teacher and I left with AC quietly. As I saw him 2 minutes later through the window he was sitting in his place all calm and seemed almost happy!

For my daughter, it’s another story. She’s 19 months old and this is her first time in a daycare/school. She’s going where AP used to go until now so she’s been there many times and knows the teacher. I think that helped a lot. But it was heart wrenching when I left and she started to cry. Ufff… No mom ever gets used to that. But the thing we got to remember is that it rarely last and they have tons of fun by the time you pick them up. Today I will pick her up at noon since it’s her first ever day.

Wow. No more babies in the house.

Time to ‘work’ now!


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