Dear son

October 21st, 2014

I am now 42 and it feels like I’ve been searching what my passion is for most of my life. Today, I feel my passion is my kids and I want to write to them because I feel I will forget those magical moments I get to share with them, and I want them to know how much they were loved and cherished.

Dear son,

Today was your first time out at the theatre. Since this week you are on vacation and dad is away, I wanted to do some special activities with you so you get to enjoy your time off school. Bear in mind that you’re only 3. I brought you to your old daycare this morning and picked you up at 2:30. We took the bus and then the metro. You love taking the bus and metro and looking out the window, pointing at things, feel the movement. You have no idea of how privileged you are but you might realize it when you’re older. We are currently living in Paris, in one of the best arrondissement. We got off at the Arc de Triomphe station and exited on the Champs Elysées. I wonder if it will ever feel ordinary but trust me, it ain’t. We walked across the street to go buy our tickets but since we were plenty ahead of time, I brought you to a café to eat a pain au chocolat, which you adore. I wanted this outing to be very special. There’s nothing too good for my little boy. We then lined up at the theatre to get in. You chose a seat and I helped you to sit on the little booster they provide (you had to choose the red one!). I explained that we could not speak out loud and to speak in my ear if you needed to. We cuddled. You sneaked under my arm when you got scared. You hid your eyes with your hands when you didn’t want to see. It was a beautiful movie, rated for 3 year old, don’t worry. I hope you’ll have beautiful dreams about it. I know I will.



#blogging101-day 4


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