10 months later…

Wow, last post was about 10 months ago already! So many things happened since! I started AND stopped working within that time. I was training for Challenge Roth and abruptly stopped. My son started to go to daycare. I’ve been to places. But mainly, I’ve gained about 25 lbs, all of pure belly joy!

Back in April, I miraculously got pregnant. Just like that! (Our son was conceived IVF) We could not be more blessed. I had just started to work early March but had to stop 2 weeks ago already. This time around is so much harder. I’m exhausted, but happy. 

Today I’ve had a lot of contractions, the ones that don’t hurt and are supposedly ‘normal’. It is true they don’t hurt but they still bother me. What bothers me most though is the sharper pain I have, about where the head is, almost at my pelvic bone. It’s becoming harder and harder to move. Ufff… Another 6 weeks to go!


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