To veg or not to veg: The dilema of becoming vegan, or not

Is it just me or is being vegan more and more mainstream these days? No, not vegetarian, vegan.

See, probably just like you, I’m constantly seeking ways to stay healthy, weather it be exercice, nutrition, way of life, whatever. I read, watch documentaries etc. Lately, I can’t help to notice that I’ve stumbled across a lot of veganization, and for endurance athletes to boot! Which is why it caught so much of my attention since I’m training for my next ironman distance triathlon.

Now, I don’t label myself as anything. I don’t really eat meat. I have grown to feel disgusted by it because of the way it’s grown and processed. If I had access to home grown 100% organic meat, maybe I would eat more of it, but it still wouldn’t be a staple in my house. I don’t believe big quantities of meat is good for you. That’s all.

I do eat eggs and fish. I favor the organic eggs and wild caught fish. I find it very hard to understand why I would drop eggs and fish off my diet. Something to investigate perhaps.

Now the one thing I just can’t wrap my mind about letting go, ever, is dairy. Cheese, yogurt, milk. How do you survive without it? I love them too much. I’m fully aware of the existing replacements such as soy products and a variety of nut milks. But in my view, those are so processed that I find it hard to justify the switch. Not to mention that a high consumption of soy can affect your hormones. I don’t believe you need dairy in your diet and I know it’s more for the enjoyment of it that we keep it, and by habit also.

I do try to include vegan-like foods in my diet. I even bought a plant based cook book for endurance athletes. If you ever started to veganize yourself, you know how time extensive it is to cook as everything is made from scratch. The other problem is, I can’t put my hands on half of the ingredients because they’re so inaccessible.

Still, I will keep trying and perhaps by changing my habits little by little I will one day call myself a vegan.

Thrive Foods. This is what we've been eating lately. Great book. I have to say it's been yummy.

Thrive Foods.
This is what we’ve been eating lately. Great book. I have to say it’s been yummy.


3 thoughts on “To veg or not to veg: The dilema of becoming vegan, or not

  1. The Almost Vegan says:

    It’s not as hard as you think once you get into it! I have Brendan Brazier’s other book, Thrive in 30, and it’s really great for athletes! His ingredients tent to be a little more inaccessible than other vegan cookbooks. I try to make my recipes as friendly as possible and I definitely don’t do the fancy ingredients! Good luck!!

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