Tis the season… to start training again!

Indeed. December 16th is the date I had set as the starting date for my Challenge Roth training. In reality, I should be starting while being already in good shape. Truth is, I’m not. And I’m scared.

I had started to get into a pretty good routine a few weeks back until I got hit by a nasty cold/flu, whatever that was, that nailed me down for almost 3 weeks. Talk about demotivating. My goal was to ramp up the training to about 6 hours/week by December 16th. Instead it went down to zero. And so did my motivation.

As I was reading Runner’s World, I came across an article saying that blogging about your training is a good source of motivation and helps keeping you on track. Then I remembered that the reason I had started it a long time ago was exactly for that reason. I lost sight of that along the way. Signing up, training for and then having to abandon training and racing IM Mont Tremblant really put a huge stick in my wheels, and I crashed hard. I’ve been trying to get up since then and have been having a hard time.

When I signed up for Challenge Roth, it was long enough ahead of time that it was leaving me about 6 months to decide to do it or not. That time has now passed and it’s time to either get on the pot, or get off the pot (expression of my dad’s, odd I know, but I get it).

In an attempt to try to get back on tracks and stay there, I had started to read about habits back in August. I wanted to learn how to change habits and how to create new ones. As most things are, theory is much easier than practice. Months later, not much have changed yet. But I’m tired of it. I’m tired of wishing I was something different and not doing anything about it. For example, I’ve been wanting to actively control my stress by doing yoga, stretches, meditation, on a regular basis for years now. So far, it’s been sporadique at best. I’ve been trying to understand why and trying to learn how to change that. I believe having some goals, such as this upcoming race, will help me put in place some long lasting habits. And perhaps blogging about it will help me too!


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