Triathlete Christmas Gift Ideas

Ahhh… tis the season, once more. And you have a tri geek loved one for whom has just about anything that exists out there for tri geeks? If you’re like me, you feel doomed. Perhaps you are. Still, let’s give it a try and see if I can give you some ideas…


Stocking Stuffers:

– Special gels, perhaps with a Christmas flavor

– Sticker for the car

– Mini BodyGlide or lubricant wipes

– Speed laces (the elastic ones that you don’t need to tie)

– Insulated water bottle

– Bento Box

– Salt stick dispenser

– Nipple guards (for men)

– Race belt

– Special cycling or running socks

– A GoGirl (for women)

– Special soap or shampoo for after swimming

– Timing chip strap

– Sports sunscreen

– Cheap flip flops – they always need an extra pair to throw away at races


Small gifts:

– Book about triathlon/running/cycling/swimming/endurance sport/nutrition – you get the idea

– Triathlete’s magazine subscription (Or Runner’s World, or Bicycling)

– Tri jewelry

– Cool looking arm warmers

– Cycling DVD’s (if already owns an indoor trainer)

– A pair of fins

– A pair of paddles

– Visor for running

– Triathlon calendar

– Quick dry towel

– Foam roller

– Transition mat

– Neoprene hat


Medium gifts:

– Nice transition bag

– Nice tool kit for the bike

– Tri shoes

– Ultralight water bottle holster

– Tempo trainer (for swimming)

– Compression socks (or any other compression wear)

– A year subscription to Training Peaks

– Hydration system

– Fancy goggles – such as

– Massage therapy tools (such as the ones from Triggerpoint or Thera Cane)

– Swim coaching/lessons

– Heavy duty feet covers for cycling

– Race entry (although you kinda have to be sure the person wants to do the race! ha!)

– Special earphones for athletes

– A good stand pump


Bigger gifts:

– Garmin 910XT – the summum of the tri geek

– Wetsuit

– HIgh performance helmet

– Indoor trainer

– Bike stand – if mechanically inclined

– Bike power meter

– CompuTrainer – for the super serious athlete, or if you have a lot of money

– Sunglasses (for running and cycling, not the latest Prada)

– Professional bike fit

– Training camp


Well that was fun but it didn’t help my at all… Not only my triathlete husband has most of what’s listed here, he’ll read this post as well as all the others so I can’t even use my own suggestions. Anywho, I’ll keep updating this list as I think of other ideas…


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