Becoming a stay-at-home mom – Putting it in practice

I started to write about becoming a stay-at-home mom, the difficulties I have with it and the first steps I’ve taken to get there. Today, I felt like I had made some improvement on my stay-at-home status. Here was my day:

– Woken up at 4:50 by AP. Gave milk, changed diaper and fell asleep some time later again next to him on the ledge of his narrow couch (not confortable).

– Got up at 7:20.

– Did the dishes (cause I hadn’t done them last night). Watered the plants. Played with AP. Dressed him and gave him breakfast. Had coffee.

–  Usually nanny arrives at 8:00 but she had to go to the doc. Baked some granola bars with AP. Raised him on a little footstool so he could watch/help. Let him greased the dish with his hands like finger painting.

– Changed the bed sheet. Had breakfast.

– Dressed AP and I up to go out. Went to buy laundry detergent.

– Came back at 10:30, same time nanny arrived. Started a load of laundry and did 4 total. We don’t have a dryer so had to lay everything out. Folded and put away clothes from a previous load.

– Empties suitcase from our trip last week-end and put away stuff.

– Took trash and recycling downstairs. Washed trash can.

– Repaired AP’s shirt. Cooked him lunch.

– Had lunch. Looked at recipes to decide what to make for dinner since we’re having a guest.

– Got dressed to go for a run and meet my friend. Our meeting time got delayed two hours so I watched episodes of Lost while waiting.

– Ran. Slid and scraped my elbow. It was cold and rainy. Met my friend for coffee. Ran back home. Stopped at grocery for a few things on the way back. More rain. Arrived home at 5pm.

– Prepared dinner. Fed AP. Had a shower. Finished preparing diner. Husband and guest arrived.

– Had diner. Enjoyed company. Put AP to bed. Wrote post.

I’m sure I’m missing some things but over all I feel like I had a pretty productive mommy day. I need to keep researching about stay-at-home mom’ing and improve on it. I can do this!


One thought on “Becoming a stay-at-home mom – Putting it in practice

  1. Stephanie (Bennis) Shirley says:

    I’m a freelancer who works from home and so when we have children I will likely become their sole caretaker as well. I’m nervous as to how I’ll fit my work and all the chores into each day, but seeing your schedule is helpful. It sounds like structure and realistic goals for each day are key–and also allowing some time for personal activities like a run or cup of coffee with a friend.

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