Becoming a stay-at-home mom – Part II

On a previous blog I started what might be a very long series of posts… some sort of quest of becoming a stay-at-home mom. Now that it’s became real, I had to figure out how to do it. Something that should be so natural, innate, and yet there I am, studying it like an alien who’s trying to figure out how we live. I had to take actions.

Mommy meetups

One thing I did is to start going out to some mommy ‘meetups’. I can’t help but feel like an imposteur as I am there, surrounded by these professional moms. There’s kids 5 months to 18 months old but they all look like they know what they’re doing and have their shit together. I find it extremely difficult to ‘connect’ with these moms. Not to mention that considering my age, I’m often the oldest by far. One thing I absolutely enjoyed was to watch my toddler interact with the others – or should I say hug the bejesus out of every kid, he’s very friendly! I will keep going at these meetups. AP loves it and even though I don’t ‘connect’ with anyone, I always learn something. Sharing info is crucial for moms.


There are loads of stuff to read out there (for our purpose, we will call ‘out there’ the world wide web) and it’s not obvious finding helpful info. Nonetheless, here are a few of them with either a little summary or some of my comments.

4 Things Every Stay-at-Home Mom Needs to Know

1. Feel Proud of What You Do

2. Keep in Touch with Friends

3. Get Organized

4. Get in Touch with Your Creative Side

Ok, that’s a start.

What’s your deepest, darkest secret? Moms confess in our survey

This article is one of the scariest thing I’ve read. I cannot relate to the kind of mom who medicates their child to have a quiet night or moms that’d rather be thinner than their kid to have a higher I.Q. SAY WHAT??? I must live on another planet…

Stay-at-home moms more depressed than working moms, study finds

This is definitely not going well, but I’ll read anyway…

“There have been studies that suggest the happiest women are women who have kids and can work part time and have a bit more flexibility over their schedule.”

Groundhog Day moments

It’s a job that’s never complete.

Even for the wealthiest mothers, shopping, lunching and working out is not enough, she says.

“If, for a period of time it’s not in the cards to have a job, find a purpose.”

Ok, all in all, this article actually thought me a thing or two.

8 Stay-at-home mom success tips

Alright! This time I think I’m on to something…

– Give it a Try 

Indeed, I haven’t given it much time before panicking about it.

– Talk to other stay at home moms – get advice.

I’m starting to do that. It’s not that easy. 

– Be Realistic

Yeah… not my type… I try to do it all, all at once. I need to work on that.

– Enjoy the Time

Definitely. I always did, every second of it.

– Give Yourself Time to Adjust

Ahhhh… ok, that part was definitely lost on me. Will work on that as well.

– Keep Track of Your Accomplishments

Good idea! I’ve started a journal to track them.

– Help Your Spouse/Partner Recognize Your Accomplishments

Luckily, I don’t need to do that too much, my spouse is very aware of it all. Thank you spouse!

– Get out of the house

Ah yes! I do, with or without the baby, but I do. 

Ok, I do have more info and I’m starting to take actions. But there’s more to it and I will continue looking for my mommy groove. Let’s wait and see what’s next…


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