Am I brave or idiot?

I abandoned my child. For a day out cycling. Alone. In the rain. You might understand why I was wondering if it was a brave thing to do or just plain idiot. This was my first ride out from Paris, and first of a very long series as I am starting my training for Challenge Roth 2013. I recently joined a triathlon group and today was going to be my first ride with them. Unfortunately, my babysitter was half an hour late so I missed the start meet up in Bois de Boulogne. Should I go anyway or stay home?

Waiting on train to Versailles.

I went to catch the train to meet them at the second meet up they had in Versailles but missed them again. By that time, it was already quite late, probably close to 10:30. As I walked outside the train station, it was raining a little. Should I go or turn around, or go to that very inviting Starbucks? Since I don’t know the way, I pulled my phone and looked at the map. Off I went!

The roads in France can be quite small, narrow, with little indication about the name or direction. I had to stop countless of times to look up where I was heading, sometimes having to come back a bit. I barely had left Versailles that I got hit by some strong rain. What do I do? Should I stop? But I kept thinking, I bet it’s temporarily and it’ll be sunny later on. So I kept going. I was actually enjoying myself quite a bit. I decided that I was going to take my time and not stress about it. I even tried to take some pictures. It looked much better in real life though…

As viewed through my ziploc bag.

Trying to take a pic of myself, again through ziploc bag.

After a while, there was no turning back option. I was feeling well, I was dressed just right and I had no where else to be at – except home with my baby, but that’s not the point. The goal was to make it to Dampierre-en-Yvelines and then to Méré to take the train back to Paris. I somehow did get to both of these places but I guaranty it wasn’t near how I was supposed to. At first I was thinking, worst case I get to Dampierre and turn around and come back. Until I had to descend the hill of the 17 turns (as told on the sign). This is a hill I wish I will never have to climb. It is steep, narrow and the turns are very tight. I didn’t count but I do believe the sign.

About half way to Méré from Dampierre, the sky cleared up, just as I expected. I didn’t care if it was hilly or windy, I was enjoying the ride.

View from the road.

I proudly made it to the train station in Méré, all-by-myself! I went out, didn’t quit, got a good workout, saw beautiful scenery, but still I took some chances and abandoned my child in the morning. So am I brave or idiot?

Is that a happy face or what?


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