How sweet it is to race

I know, I know, and painful too lol

So happy to FINALLY being able to put in a race report! Even if it’s a category C race (meaning I had no intention to push it and just to ‘run’ it). Turns out it went better than I thought!

It’s been gray and rainy in Paris for the last many days (already feels like weeks!) so it wasn’t a surprise when we got up to a rainy 8C (46F). I was feeling completely relaxed about the whole thing. I mean really, who’s going to PR in a race of 35 000 people? To top it off, the race started 5 minutes from home at a slow jogg, and at 10 am!!!! (This is the most unreal part!)

Getting ready in the morning

So, we knew we were supposed to arrive early because otherwise we’d be stuck behind thousands upon thousands of people but that’s what we did anyways, since we didn’t want to get cold waiting for the start. It turns out it was a bit worst than we thought and we got literally stuck in the crowd on Iena bridge trying to get behind the queue. Ha! But, we were very warm he he he

Waiting for the start at the base of the Eiffel tower

I think we ended up crossing the carpet about 20 minutes after the gun – which I never heard… I don’t think there was one… You can kinda see from the pics how big this was, although at that time a lot of people had left already.

I had the intention to have a fun time and I did what I had never done before: bring my phone to take pictures! Well, the weather was so crappy that I ended up not taking many pictures at all. I think this one tells it all:

Can you see the Eiffel tower in the distant right?

I think it was the best way to celebrate my 40th birthday don’t you think? I’m off for a good start!


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