First race in 2 years!! Can it be?

Well, I think it’s been a whole 2 years since my last race. If I remember right, it was the 10 for Texas ten miler that is in October, which was about a month before the insemination for my pregnancy.

As a little recap, I was then pregnant for 9 months, without being allowed to exercice (not even taking the stairs) due to a complete placenta previa. I had a c-section so for sure no exercising for another little while. I ran for the first time about a year after the last run I did. I started slowly. I was already signed up for Ironman Mont Tremblant so a few weeks after started triathlon training with a coach. That went kaput when we moved to Paris and haven’t had the chance to do any race yet, not even a little 5k.

Now do you understand my excitement!!!!!! AND, might I had it will be on my birthday AND my fortieth. Awesome. It is a nice one too, the 20km de Paris, with a nice scenic route. Hope the weather’s good!


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