Busy body

One of the reasons I wanted to start a blog was for myself, to document my first year as a mom, and my return to ironman. Lately I kind of reminded myself of it and thought, well, I better find a few minutes here and there to write cause time is flY-ing!

Indeed, time is going by at speed of light. Some days I have no time to breathe. And I mean NO time. Here’s my day today:

6:00 – Wake up. Baby also wake up so feed baby

6:30 – Breakfast, prepare lunch

6:50 – Shower, get dress etc

7:10 – Leave for work

8:00 to 12:00 – work

12:00 – Rush home to drop stuff and grab my gym bag (this was not a lack of planning, I had to come back home around noon)

12:25 – Eat lunch at home super quick

12:40 – Leave for a doctor appointment

1:00 – Doctor appointment

2:30 – Leave for the gym. Workout: weights routine followed by 1000 yards swim

3:40 – Got out of the pool to shower and change

3:50 – Rush out and drive to the dentist

4:00 – Dentist appointment

5:35 – Rush to an ATM to withdraw money to pay the nanny

5:50 – Arrive home just in time before the nanny leaves

6:00 – Feed baby

6:30 – Give baby’s bath, order dinner (yeah that’s right folks, it’s Friday night, you think I’m gonna cook?)

7:00 – Eat and rock my baby to sleep

8:30 – Grab my laptop to write because I’d really like to remember days like this in the future

9:00 – I’m dead tired now and going to sleep



Oh, and that’s who’s making all this so worthwhile…


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