Becoming an expert multitasker

Yeah, that’s right. I always knew that there was some magic happening once you gave birth to a baby when all of a sudden there was more time, or time was more organized and efficient or something like that. I was heavily relying on that magic to happen since I had chosen the hard path of having a baby, working full time, training for an ironman – and blogging??  Turns out that you’re the one making the magic happen. And it’s hard work. I’m constantly researching on ways to be more efficient, how to use technology to improve my efficiency etc. You can see by the number of blog entries that it might not be working as well as I’d hoped!

While baby sleeps: There are so many things you can catch up on while baby sleeps. IF baby sleeps. HA! Luckily, even though mine doesn’t nap much during the day, he sleeps 10-12 hours a night. The first thing to catch up on is sleep, then the rest.

Running with stroller: How is that multitasking? Well, I’d like to think I’m spending time with my baby while I’m running. He loves being outside and I talk to him as I run.

Cooking with baby in carrier or chair: Major entertainment for baby. Dinner is ready when hubby arrives. It’s all good.

Preparing breakfast for the week to go: Why? Grab and go in the morning. You can eat while driving to work (not recommended for safety reasons, but of course I do it) or eat at your desk. Since I go to the gym in the mornings, I’m usually hungry when I get out so I like to have my food ready to eat in the car.

Listening to podcast or movie while cycling on trainer or running: I’d like to think it’s multitasking since I wouldn’t sit down for 2 hours and do it. Works for me!

I’ll keep trying to find new ways to multitask and will definitely share them. What are your tricks?


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