No more time!

Time, time, time. Seems like that’s all you hear these days. I’m running out of time for this. I don’t have time for that. I didn’t have time to do this. It seems like once you have a baby, the meaning of time takes a whole new dimension. You can either go crazy and panic because you have no more time, or you can ‘bend’ time and make more of it. Yes, that’s right, make more. I always thought that people that had time to do ten times more stuff than I were super efficient and organized. Now I know they are, but more than that, they have to be driven with a purpose.

I’ve been back to work for two weeks now and started training (exercising to get back in shape that is) this last week, 6 days a week. Now, my husband works long hours and train as well (remember, we’re both signed up for Ironman Mont Tremblant). I get up around 5 to go to the gym and get my workout in before work. That means I have the evening shift (cook diner, bathe baby, feed baby). But what really gets me going has to be the fire inside my belly. The fire that’s going to bring me to the finish line months from now.

Well, indeed we’re all running after time. I wrote this over a week ago and I just didn’t have time to post it!


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