Ladies and Gentlemen, first swim done!

Well, there is only a week and a half left of my maternity leave and I’ve been taken advantage of the fact that the nanny is taking care of André-Philippe to get myself in a workout routine. As you know, I started running last week and I’m already up to 15 minutes – for a mortal person that has not ran once in a year and had major abdominal surgery, it’s equivalent to like 15,000 miles for you super athletes.

I really want to start my ironman training on the right foot. I think the biggest lesson learned from doing my first ironman was to be consistent. I say that because I wasn’t during my ironman training. I was stressed about not making the cut-offs and stayed on the course for way too long. Sure I finished, and sure Mike Reilly called me an Ironman, but that was way too close for comfort. I knew I didn’t want to repeat that again. I like to go in a race and not feel nervous about not finishing, never mind the time it takes!

So, this afternoon was the perfect time to give swimming a go as I won’t be able to for the rest of the week. But first, I got to make sure I can fit in one of my swimsuit, which if I remember right were pretty tight already! I tried the biggest and with a bit of effort I squeezed in – literally. Off I go to the pool. When I walked in, I instantly got this burning chlorine smell up my nose. All the memories of swimming and how much I enjoy it came back to me and I started to giggle. Got in the water and even though it felt cold I didn’t hesitate to get wet. I was happy to be back!

For some reason, getting off my butt and doing a workout has never been so easy than these last two weeks. I was afraid I’d be discouraged of being so out of shape that I would procrastinate forever to start exercising. But knowing the amazing feeling of completing an ironman and wanting to finish another one feeling better than the first is great motivation. I also have a bigger purpose as I’m now a mom and want to be an example for my kid.

For the record, the swim was only 500 yards at a turtle pace but in my head, I was swimming 3.8km like a dolphin.


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