First run!

First run! Look how happy I am!

Well, the ice is broken! I have done my first run on Saturday and did another one this morning. It felt so so good to run, the whole 3 minutes of it! I have to start very slowly, even if I could do more. The feeling of my belly where it was cut for c-section is quite weird I must say. My legs are like concrete and I was actually sore afterwards. Cardio? Not as bad as I thought it would be and definitely not the limiter at this point. I’m just happy to be ‘running’ again!


2 thoughts on “First run!

  1. the Myna Aina Mama says:

    Congratulations. How long has it been since the birth? I’m a surfer, well, not currently as I’m 26 weeks pregnant and have a guaranteed c-section on the horizon, and am very anxious to know how long we have to wait to do things like run and move again post-birth. Everyone tells me 4-6 weeks or longer. I know that the surfing itself will have to wait longer, as the wound will have to heal more, but
    …you are inspiring in the interim.

    • ironwomom says:

      Thanks!!! I know how you feel, you probably would have preferred a natural birth right? Well, I did my first run when baby was 9 weeks. I think 4-6 weeks for a c-section might be a little early, then again, you might need 12. I’ve learned over time that the recovery time is quite different from one person to another. Of course, it’s usually faster for active persons like you and I! 🙂

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