Six weeks already!

Well yes, it took me 6 weeks after birth to finally sit down and write a little. I’d like to mention that what got me going is starting to read this ebook from – check it out! It reminded me of my sense of adventure and who I was before baby arrived. It’s amazing how you get absorbed by the baby in the first weeks and forget that the rest of the world exists out there. And time goes by so freakin fast!

I won’t get in the details of telling the story of the birth etc. He has his own little page on

Everything went well considering the placenta previa and c-section. The baby is perfect! Not even jaundiced at birth. The c-section recovery is taking quite some time though. I just started to feel ready to move (mentally) but my body is not at all. I can tell my abs are not healed yet as there is soreness and weakness in that area. But I do feel like I can start taking some short walks so that’s what I’ll do! Oh yeah, there is also this extra 20 lbs I’m carrying around… No, not the baby, but the ‘baby fat’ I put on with pregnancy, sigh!

So, next week our little family is going to Paris (husband’s meetings) so it will be a good opportunity for me to start walking a bit. And also, it will be a welcomed cool down from the scorching month of August in Houston.

Now, Ironman training… right…. Just how challenging will that be? VERY challenging! HAHAHAHAHAHA Yes, you can all laugh, I’m laughing too, and the baby is laughing as well, as this will be insane! Now that I’ve spent 6 weeks with the baby, I can have an idea of just how crazy this will be. But I’m still on my friends!


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