4 days to go…

That’s it! 4 days to go and baby will be here! Hard to believe really. Thursday July 28th at noon is our scheduled delivery by c-section. We feel ready. We learned as much as we could on delivery, post-delivery, feeding baby, etc. We read books, went to classes, got all sorts of supplies to take care of baby, organized the nursery, organized the house. Now it’s just a matter of practice I guess.

Most important is that we found a name and we’re very happy about it:


I stopped working on last Tuesday and try to rest as much as I can – not that easily done! At least I had the Tour de France to watch every day so I did a lot of tv watching. I just want to do so many things before André-Philippe gets here. I know I won’t have time for a loooooong time afterwards.

I did ordered my brand new Macbook Air a few weeks ago. Funny enough it’s supposed to arrive on the 28th. My (not s0) old Dell laptop crashed more than it makes me feel comfortable with so I think it was time for me to move on and upgrade. After having a few Apple devices these last years I knew my next computer was going to be an Apple as well. A bit of a luxury I admit but I’d like to think I deserve it!

The Dell of course I will keep because my next gift to myself will be a CompuTrainer (YAY!!!) and they are not Mac compatible yet. Finally, a real good justification to get a CompuTrainer! Otherwise how will I train for Ironman working full time and taking care of a baby? Yep, I definitely need the CompuTrainer 😉


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