Another long week

Anxious times

It’s amazing how time slows down the closer you get to delivery day. My friend used to say how her pregnancy felt like it lasted 2 years to her. Now I understand…

I’ve been starting to wonder if I should feel more nervous than I am. There’s only 17 days left to go and I’m more excited about seeing our baby’s face than anything else, I can’t be bothered by being afraid of the surgery and everything that comes around it (epidural, catheter, bed rest, etc). I think what helped me put things in perspective is how sick I have been for a week. Early last week felt like I was hit by a baseball bat, forced to swallow knifes and rolled over by a bus. I got so exhausted that it made me almost panic, thinking how am I going to take care of a baby feeling exhausted like this – imagining that this was how I was going to feel after the delivery, for some reason. Then as I was reading through What to Expect When You’re Expecting (which is way better than people describe it by the way!), I get at the end of a paragraph and it made me feel so much better:

“You’ll be a mother. And mothers, in case you haven’t heard, can do anything.”

And then the Ironman motto “Anything is possible” came resonating as I remembered that I can, do anything!

Here’s a pic I love and gives me strength. The Mom to-be medal comes from the baby shower my co-workers threw me. I told them it will go next to my future medal of Ironman Mont Tremblant next August. How motivating is that! 🙂

Whole Foods

Last week-end was a long week-end but being so sick and stuck to the bed or couch I think the highlight of my week-end has been to go to Whole Foods with my husband for breakfast and grocery shopping. We have a brand new Whole Foods that opened very recently and that became the closest one from our house. We are so excited about it! We had noticed the previous week that they have an electric car charger station (no idea what to call it!) and this week we saw this tiny little vehicle parked at the station. Houston might be full of big trucks but I tell you, the little cars, hybrids and electrical cars are gaining ground for sure!

Belly Shots

Today I feel a bit better and thankfully, because we had our belly photo shoot scheduled this afternoon and I didn’t want to miss it (or have to reschedule, time is kinda limited now). I can’t wait to see the pics and have a feeling there will be a lot of very good ones. Here’s a sneak peak, the family’s most special medals 🙂


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