The last few weeks…

oups… wrote this last week and forgot to click publish!

Less than 4 weeks to go before baby arrives! I’ve been working so much towards getting ready for him it’s insane! There’s so much to do, so much stuff to have, prepare, clean, organise etc. I think I’ll have a bit of time to relax in the coming week-ends though.

I had 2 baby showers in the last week and I’m just amazed at how generous my friends and co-workers are. It really touches me and not sure how to thank them all in a way that really show what I mean. I’m very blessed to be so well surrounded. And I’m not talking only about the ‘stuff’. So many tips, insights, tricks, etc shared with me that have unpriced value really. When you’re 38 and haven’t been around babies you’re very much ignorant on all things baby so everything I can learn from experienced mommies count.

Not to worry, as much time as I’ve spent doing laundry of miniature onesies and packing up on diapers, I’ve also been thinking and planning for the Ironman. Because I can’t do much more than mental training right now, my main activity has been the re-reading of The Triathlete’s Training Bible from Joe Friel. For those of you who don’t have it/haven’t read it: I HIGHLY recommend it. I got it many years ago and kind of read it but without putting too much thoughts into it – like when you read something but don’t absorb what you’re reading. But now, especially after a few years of experience, I really understand how good this book is. Of course, you can rely 100% on your coach and don’t bother understanding how everything works together but I think you’d be an even better athlete if you understand the science of triathlon training even if you get coached. Which reminds me, I will have to find a good coach in a few months… and that’s a whole other story.


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