First post!

Now that I’ve settled my heart on to create my blog and started to learn how to create it, my husband kindly reminded me that I also need to write. Really? So before I spend 50 hours trying to make it look not much better anyway since my design skills are pretty poor, I thought, I should write my first post and feel like I got somewhere!  For the rest well, I’ll just learn as I go…

So here I am! 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow and 5 weeks before delivery (as I have no choice to have an early planned c-section). Just signed up for Ironman Mont Tremblant yesterday. Race is August 12th. Yes, very ambitious but oh so motivating!!! I didn’t think I’d jump in just like that, thought I’d wait at least a year before getting into another Ironman, but after all, it will be a year by then won’t it?

The journey seems promising. My husband signed up as well so it will be a family affair. Can’t think of a better way to bring baby in the world. Can’t wait to spend time running with baby, teach him to swim, basically carry him everywhere. Yes, it is my first baby and yes, ignorance is bliss and please leave me that way.

To make it even more of a family affair my brother and my husband’s brother signed up as well! They both live very far away from us but the support we’ll bring each other will be priceless. And to top it of, some of our best friends have signed up. A very exciting event to look forward to indeed!!!!


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